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Economic Development and Lawsuit Abuse

Economic development is directly negatively affected by lawsuit abuse. Our Attorney General, through hand-picked out-of-state trial lawyer friends, has filed hundreds of lawsuits against companies all over the county and has paid his friends millions of dollars in sweetheart contingency contracts. This legislation by litigation must stop. Public policy of the state is determined through the legislative process and not by the unilateral whims of one person.  The Attorney General is the lawyer for the state, not the lawyer and the client and this virtually unchecked barrage of litigation against companies is killing our economy. What reasonable company faced with yet another out-of-state trial lawyer contingency fee lawsuit approved by our Attorney General is going to locate their corporate headquarters or invest capital in research and development and/or manufacturing facilities in our state which will then create good jobs for our people.  This lawsuit abuse is the leading deterrent to good solid economic development. And while with the passage of tort reform we essentially eliminated private lawsuit abuse, public lawsuit abuse remains unchecked.  Rather than being constantly on the lookout for someone to sue, our Attorney General should work with our state elected officials to resolve issues and help bring these companies and the jobs they represent to Mississippi.  To stop this continued lawsuit abuse, our next Attorney General must lead the way and should respect this role in state government.

State Lottery

Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana have the Lottery. Because of this, millions of dollars are being spent by Mississippians in those states to educate their children and fix their roads and bridges.  I believe Mississippi should have the Lottery so that the millions of dollars currently being spent by Mississippians on the Lottery in other states will be spent in Mississippi to educate our children and fix our roads and bridges.