"Mississippians deserve an Attorney General with a record of supporting law enforcement, prosecuting criminals and standing up against the special interests trying to rig the system in Jackson. We can do a better job making our state safer and more job friendly, where hard work is rewarded, and everyone has to play by the same rules."

- Mark Baker

About Mark

30 years courtroom experience

Experienced prosecutor and judge

House Judiciary Chairman previously endorsed by the NRA and Mississippi Right to Life

Highly rated by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, the Mississippi Federation of Independent Business and the American Conservative Union

Married for 29 years to the former Lady Collins, an English teacher at Brandon High School

Mark, Lady and their son Chase are members of Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Brandon

Awards, Recognitions, and Ratings

Key Issues


Our Attorney General must prioritize protection for Mississippi’s children from exploitation, abuse and cyber-bullying, and protection of domestic violence. Moreover, our Attorney General must actively engage in the investigation and prosecution of cases involving political corruption and white-collar crime, areas ignored, unfortunately, by this current office.  On a local level, we cannot continue to allow crime in places lacking the necessary resources to continue unchecked and to spill over into neighboring communities.  Our Attorney General must take the lead in providing the leadership and resources necessary to implement a multi-jurisdictional strategy to assist law enforcement, prosecutors and judges to protect the public and to insure criminals actually go to jail and serve real sentences equal to the crimes they commit.

Law Enforcement

Having experience as a prosecutor and judge, I know the great risks faced by law enforcement in providing for our public safety. In the state legislature, I have consistently supported and voted to fund law enforcement as a priority. As Attorney General, I will insure that all necessary resources are available to law enforcement to protect themselves and the public.

Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Our immigration laws must be enforced. I support President Trump’s executive order punishing sanctuary cities which forbid local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Mechanisms must be put in place to withhold state dollars and impose other punitive measures to prevent the continued deterioration of the rule of law and to protect our citizens.

Work and Drug Testing for Welfare

The Trump administration is implementing policies which will allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries, and I expect they will soon consider implementing drug testing requirements too.  This is a major policy shift on the federal level that I do support.

Economic Development and Lawsuit Abuse

Mississippi’s civil liability system was ranked 44th in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey conducted for the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.  In this survey, 85% of the respondents reported that a state’s litigation environment would impact business decisions, such as where to locate or operate business.  Mississippi’s ranking is the direct result of continued abuse by our Attorney General who has handed out over 100 no-bid/no-lose contingency contracts and paid, without legislative approval, almost $100 million in contingency fees.  Our next Attorney General must be willing to work with our state elected officials to resolve issues and work to bring these companies and the jobs they represent to Mississippi, and in those rare instances when lawsuits are necessary, our Attorney General, the lawyer Mississippians elect and pay to represent them, should be the one to handle the case.

Unauthorized Expenditure of Public Funds

Mississippi’s current Attorney General has a history of circumventing the legislative appropriation process and using settlement money from the virtually limitless lawsuits filed by that office to fund pet programs without legislative enactment. Our elected officials should follow the law when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money. Our next Attorney General must end this cycle of abuse and lack of accountability.

Reducing the Size of Government

Government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. We have implemented historic tax cuts, reduced spending and reduced the size of state government.  We must continue to transition from a tax system that relies predominately on income and property taxes to one weighted more to consumption taxes which by nature is more fair and inclusive for all Mississippians.

I Will Fight for Mississippi

As Attorney General not only will I fight against attempts by the federal government to impose mandates on our state and our citizens that erode our constitutional rights; in addition, I will vigorously defend the laws of our state, including laws seeking to protect our gun rights, the rights of the unborn and our religious freedoms.

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