In Crime


As a former judge and prosecutor, I know the great risks assumed by law enforcement in providing for our public safety.  I voted for the Castle Doctrine which allows home and business owners to protect themselves and their property against violent intruders, allowing them to stand their ground and repel such invasive attacks with such force, including deadly force, as is necessary.  I support annual trooper schools to enable us to put more highway patrolmen on the roads and I support continued training opportunities for our police officers and sheriff deputies.  I have consistently voted to fund law enforcement as a priority, and I have consistently supported legislation which provides law enforcement the tools necessary to protect themselves and the public.  Our law enforcement is on the front lines in protecting the most vulnerable among us and while we have made great strides in providing the resources necessary to catch child predators and human traffickers, we must continue to prioritize our efforts in this area.  As the opioid epidemic rages, I support the efforts by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the Bureau of Narcotics and our local law enforcement in addressing this serious issue and will work to pass legislation that provides the tools to help those who are struggling with this addiction but also to lengthen prison sentences for those who continue to place our people in harms’ way.